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Friedman Williams

Legal Assistant New Britain

Job ID: 16884

Support Staff Duties

Keeping calendars up to date/making sure they have virtual links or locations for meetings

Making sure they have what they need for any meetings

Requesting student records from the District/tracking when they are due/keeping track of where we are in the process in order to meet the deadline for production

Keeping track of deadlines for DPHs from start of complaint to closing of matter

Opening/closing files – requesting new files for new matters/making sure all documents are in electronic file before closing when case has concluded

Checking emails when your attorney is out of the office – even though they may be checking emails, we will check throughout the day to make sure there is nothing urgent that needs to be taken care of

Checking mailbox for incoming mail delivery when you are in the office

Filing – if your attorney keeps hard copies of documents and uses a redwell OR scanning in any handwritten notes, etc. from your attorney to save into the Worldox file

Proofing documents before they are sent – Settlement Agreements, Trusts, Closings, correspondence, briefs, etc. and sending (depending on your attorney)

Timesheet entries/prebill review

Moving emails from your inbox and outbox

Some attorneys may have you help track agreements/payments

Sending correspondence via email and sometimes mail if parties are not represented by counsel

Preparing exhibits books


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