Family Law Attorney


Friedman Williams

Family Law Attorney Livingston NJ

Job ID: 17146

Family Law / Litigation Attorney

• At least 5 years of practice (though we’d also consider a more junior person with high potential)

• Excellent academic credentials (either top 20 law school or excellent performance at NJ-based school [Law review, high GPA]); essential if practicing less than 8 years

• Excellent writing and want to see sample briefs that were filed (preferably under this person’s name)

Strong preferences – could forego maybe one or two if others met

• Complex litigation experience, which has to include cases involving large amounts of discovery stored on e-discovery platforms such as Relativity (if they say they have complex litigation experience and they haven’t handled vast amounts of discovery, it’s not really that complex)

• Commercial litigation experience a strong preference, but if a divorce background only, needs to be someone who has handled high net worth cases with significant business interests involved

• Federal court experience

• E-discovery proficiency

• Experience working with forensic accountants and other experts

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