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Business Systems Developer

Friedman Williams

Business Systems Developer New York NY

Job ID: 15756

Combine technical and analytical skills to develop websites, processes, and reports that gather, organize, and present data to the Partners of the Firm. Candidates should have a desire to learn and develop the skills listed under Specific Responsibilities below in an environment that is demanding yet offers a mentoring approach.

Experience & Skill Requirements:

• A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Systems.

• Experience programming in C#, Java, or similar object-oriented language.

• Familiarity with Angular, React, Vue.js, or similar Javascript-based Single Page Application framework.

• Knowledge of website design and user interface optimization.

• Familiarity with designing and querying relational database management systems.

• Experience creating analytical spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel.

• An appreciation for gathering and analyzing data.

• The ability to collaborate and work well with team members, other accounting groups, the IT department, and other firm personnel.

Specific Responsibilities:

• Design, implement, and maintain:

o Websites that provide executives with interactive and dynamic insight into the data.

o Business data reports, both batch-generated and on-demand.

o SQL databases, queries, and C#-based data models.

o Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to surface and analyze the data.

o Interfaces and workflows to capture data and manage accounting processes.

• Create and maintain automated jobs and batch processes. Monitor jobs for failures and issues, and remedy as needed.

• Advise and collaborate with IT to maintain the firm’s accounting websites, databases, and related infrastructure.

• Perform routine tasks as required to maintain, process, and report the firm’s financial data.

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